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Vision Rehabilitation Associates

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Vision Rehabilitation Associates Reviews

We take pride in making sure our patients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. Below are a few of our testimonials from our patients.

“ Dr. Zost and Dr. Sorensen are excellent at what they do. Dr. Zost helped my high schooler who developed difficulties reading and concentrating after year and half of online schooling. Dr. Zost provided 12 weeks of vision therapy to correct convergence insufficiency. My older child had also developed issues reading and Dr. Sorensen was able to bring about a huge improvement with about 8 sessions of vision therapy. Dr. Sorenson helped me with how my brain processed space, I had 14 sessions of vision therapy and I can now drive with more confidence, read more efficiently. My husband had a yearly eye exam with Dr. Zost. Couldn't be happier with the quality of care. No unnecessary treatments and only as many sessions of vision therapy as needed. The office staff is very efficient, friendly and they meticulously called us week after week to remind us of our appointments. The office space is very nicely decorated, clean and there's plenty of parking all around the building. They also carry a good selection of frames. Top notch practice! ”


“ We are very thankful for the team at Vision Rehabilitation Associates. Everyone there is very friendly and nice. My daughter's OT had noticed some weakness with her eye tracking ability and recommended to have her vision evaluated for therapy. Dr. Sorenson evaluated my daughter and recommended vision therapy sessions to help her. I had no idea my daughter was struggling. Over time, I saw my daughter's hand eye coordination improve tremendously and she was reading more. Before therapy she would pick books with lots of pictures and less text. Now she picks chapter books with little to no pictures. Complete night and day! She has come a long way since we walked through their doors. I am so thankful for all the help they have given my daughter. ”

Kristin N.

“ Simply, the best! ”

Bernardo N.

“ A doctor that cares about his patients. ”

Hannah S.

“ Dr Zost truly cares about his patients and will work to find the correct solution. He and his staff are wonderful! ”

Lisa G.

“ Dr. Sorenson was fantastic! I went in for an eye exam and the entire staff was friendly and helpful. I felt very well taken care of. Highly recommend! ”

Ryan K.

“ I brought both of my children in for vision therapy from Dec - May 2023. My biggest concerns were my sons reading ability and comprehension, and my daughter's drifting left eye. As we went through the therapy with Dr. Sorenson, I could see improvements in both of my children. Completing homework with my son was easier, and he did not get as frustrated when reading. We were making slow progress, but it was working.
The new school year just started, and both kids just completed their Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) tests. My son's reading percentile increased by 7% and is at the highest it's been in years. My daughter's increased by 20%! I firmly believe the vision therapy helped them with their reading comprehension. It also helped with my daughters weak eye, both kids peripheral vision and their sensitivity to light (which was very extreme for my son). I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this, but I am extremely happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Sorenson! ”

E. Quaid

“ Vision therapy with Dr Sorrenson has been life altering! One might even say “life saving”. I woke on the morning of 4/11/22 to find my world spinning. The dizziness was overwhelming, making it impossible to walk straight without holding on to furniture, walls, counter tops etc. In May of 2020 I had a cochlear implant in my right ear which was quite successful. Knowing that one’s balance is located in the middle ear I feared my vertigo was related to my cochlear. After 3 days of living “on a merry go round” and unable to leave the couch I sought appointments with my primary care doctor who diagnosed PPBV (crystals in my middle ear). The exercises did not help. I also was examined by my otolaryngologist who specializes in vertigo as having silent migraines. I was given a VNG test which showed significant weakness in my right vestibular and given 10 weeks of physical therapy that did not help. I worked with their neurologist that prescribed medication which made me depressed and after 5 weeks told to stop taking it. I even purchased new progressive trifocals with Viralux lenses to help minimize the feeling of being on a boat in rough in rough water. Depth perception was difficult in addition to the vertigo. The new Viralux lenses widened my perscription view which helped but the vertigo remained and was significant. At this point my primary care doctor referred me to Dr Marcello Cherci Aka world reknown dizzy doc After extensive testing and evaluation I was diagnosed with VISION VERTIGO. I was referred to Dr Marsh Sorrenson who work with me weekly on vision therapy to reset my brain and strengthen my lazy eye. After 5 months of weekly therapy and exercises at home I have made significant improvement. I continue to do therapy to strengthen my stability and return to Dr Sorrenson for assessing my progress and refining my therapy periodically. I absolutely could not be living the active lifestyle I now enjoy if not for DR MARSHA SORRENSON’s intervention. I honestly do not understand how she is able to determine what my eyes & brain perceive and furthermore how to correct my issue, but her thorough examinations and never ending patience working with me one on one has given me my life back. I am forever grateful for medical science and for the doctors who dedicate themselves to visual/neurological issues and vision rehabilitation but especially thankful for Dr Sorrenson. ”

Rebecca Courtright

“ Doctor Zost has been fantastic. He is professional and straight to the point. He gave me a simple vision plan to follow; that has significantly improved my vision. As a side bounce fixing my vision has cured my car sickness! I will be recommending Doctors Zost to my family and friends. ”

Nathaniel Rose

“ I have been seeing Dr. Zost for over six years, and started vision therapy with him last year. He has always been attentive, responsive, and makes sure he provides care that actually helps his patients. His whole office staff have created a comfortable and positive environment for visits and are accommodating with scheduling. Dr. Zost really puts his patients first, and that’s been clear from my first visit. He is by far the best optometrist I’ve ever seen! ”

Carlie L.

“ Dr. Michael Zost was amazing! He was very thorough, provided materials, and put me at ease. I highly, highly recommend! ”

Stephanie Grunewald

“ Dr. Zost has helped my wife find perfect prescription post her stroke. We have been seeing him for 8 years now coming all the way from India. It has been worth it. ”

Tyler G.

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