Performance Lenses

Our office carries only the highest quality frames from independent designers. This means our frames are unique and can’t be found at big box stores. We can help you find a unique design that fits your personal style! Come experience our modern eyeglass selection!

We offer advanced lens designs, coatings, and technology. We use only the highest quality lens treatments. We offer blue light blocking coatings, and transition lenses. Blue light blocking lenses can help reduce eye strain while using technology.

We carry a wide selection of sunglasses and sports goggles, to ensure all your lifestyle needs are met.

Performance lenses

Performance lenses are lenses specifically determined and prescribed for reasons other than giving someone 20/20 vision. Performance lenses will be a custom prescription and may include prisms, tints, specialized coatings, or specialized lens designs.

Performance lenses may be used to:

  • Relieve headaches and eyestrain while on the computer or reading

  • Reduce light sensitivity

  • Achieve single vision

  • Re-establish or enhance the awareness of visual space

  • Reduce dizziness

  • Reduce near stress to prevent myopia progression

Our doctors frequently prescribe EyeZen or Sync lenses that include a “focusing boost”. This spectacle lens design can benefit children with difficulty focusing, children developing or have established myopia, adults who spend their entire workday on a computer, and patient’s in their early 40’s who notice eyestrain.

Prism may be prescribed in glasses to help the eyes work together better, or to help restore someone’s awareness of space.

Tinted lenses may benefit the patient who experiences light sensitivity even while indoors, or patients who experience significant motion sensitivity.

We Now Carry Avulux – The World’s First Clinically Proven Lens For People With Migraine & Light Sensitivity

If you have migraine, then you may know that light can trigger and worsen your migraine attacks.

You’re not alone. Millions of people have migraine disorder. Up to 90% experience light sensitivity during a migraine attack, and up to 60% of attacks are triggered by light.

That is why we now offer Avulux® Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses.

Real world experience shows that 90 percent of people can resume their daily activities by wearing Avulux to manage the impact of light.

How Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses work

Not all light waves are the same. Research shows that painful light exists in the blue, amber and red spectrum while green wavelengths of light can be soothing.

Avulux lenses work by precisely absorbing up to 97% of the most harmful blue, amber and red light while allowing in up to 70% of soothing green light. Wearing Avulux before and during any exposure to harsh light can help manage the negative impact for people living with migraine and light sensitivity.

Avulux lenses are a fit for both prescription and non-prescription glasses, and virtually any frames. So you can block harmful light and look great at the same time!

Book an appointment to find out more about how Avulux lenses can help you manage the impact of light on your life.

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