Vision Therapy Services


Optometric Vision Therapy, sometimes called visual training or VT, is that part of optometric care devoted to developing, improving, and enhancing people’s visual performance.

Over many decades, behavioral optometrists have developed and used vision therapy in combination with appropriate, judiciously selected lenses, prisms, and colored filters to:

  • Prevent vision and eye problems from developing
  • Develop the visual skills needed to be more affective achievers in the classroom, workplace, or athletic arena
  • Enhance function on tasks demanding sustained visual effort
  • Remediate or compensate for vision and eye problems which have already developed

Through vision therapy, people are able to develop more efficient visual performance.

Vision is more than just clarity. It is the ability to visualize, understand and apply the information that comes through the eyes. Individuals, especially children, may not have these abilities. Therefore learning problems can often be related to vision problems.

Dr. Zost has been providing vision therapy services to patients in the greater Chicago land area for over 25 years. He has lectured on this topic to doctors, students, parents, and therapists of various disciplines. He is one of only a handful of doctors to have earned fellowship status with the College of Optometrists in Vision Development which gave him credentials and certification to test, diagnose, and treat individuals with vision and learning disorders. He is an active member in this organization as well as the Optometric Extension Program, Illinois Optometric Association, and the American Optometric Association.