Our Practice

“PREVENTION, CORRECTION, and ENHANCEMENT of all your vision needs”


Dr. Michael Zost strives to provide a professional, personalized, and friendly experience to all his patients. His practice is dedicated to delivering the highest quality eye care and complimentary materials using the best methods and technology available.


Dr. Zost takes a comprehensive approach to your eye health and vision care. Eighty percent of what children learn is achieved by how well they use their vision. As adults, the ability to see clearly and comfortably determines how effectively we perform in our jobs, daily activities, and leisure-time endeavors. As seniors, vision plays a major role in the degree of your independence and in the quality of how easily you can continue to executeyou’re your many activities of daily living. With these principles in mind, Dr. Zost focuses on the following aspects of vision care:

  • Prevention: Annual examinations allow Dr. Zost the greatest opportunity to ensure you are seeing as clearly and comfortably as you deserve no matter what strain and stress you throw at them. This includes whether you wear glasses, contact lenses or no correction at all. And only regular eye examinations can detect vision threatening ocular disease. Serious conditions such as glaucoma often present without immediate symptoms, but can cause irreversible vision loss. Macular degeneration which is a leading cause of legal blindness in our aging population has a strong relation to nutrition. Dr. Zost is strong proponents of balanced nutrition and its impact on the eye especially related to macular degeneration. He is proud to offer his patients the QuantifEYE Macular Degeneration Risk Assessment testing and the best ocular supplement on the market, EyePromise Restore.

  • Correction: Dr. Zost understands that your eyes must perform many varied tasks throughout the day, and different types of vision correction may be required. He thoroughly assess the current status of your visual system for clarity, stability, and flexibility. He then surveys each patient for diversity of lifestyle and vision demands and in conjunction with your test results, recommend the best solutions to address your needs. Dr. Zost has access to the most scientifically advanced spectacle lens designs and coatings, eye wear, and contact lens materials for each of our unique patients.

  • Enhancement: In addition to traditional vision correction, our doctors offer several additional services to ensure your vision is clear and comfortable in throughout all your life situations.

  • Dr. Michael Zost offers vision enhancement therapy for children, teens, and even adults whose visual system limits them from using their eyes at school or work especially for reading smoothly and comfortably. In addition Dr. Zost provides comprehensive vision rehabilitation services for patients who have suffered an acquired brain injury from a stroke and other neurological injuries.