Dr. Michael Zost is happy to examine your child no matter what age they are. Every child deserves to see the world in all its color, detail, and richness. It is very important that a child is examined as early as possible to ensure that all visual skills are working to their highest level for proper vision development and class room performance.

Many methods are available to get accurate information about even your baby’s eye health, clarity, peripheral vision, focusing, eye alignment and coordination, and any need for corrective lenses, even if he or she is not able to verbally respond. Along these lines, we have eye charts with pictures and symbols for those pre-school children that do not know their letters. If you have school age children we will assess for efficient eye tracking, alignment, coordination or teaming, focusing, and if needed developmental or visual perceptual skills. If treatment in the form of spectacle lenses or visual skill or developmental vision therapy is warranted, we will prescribe a custom designed plan to enhance your child’s visual system.

Dr. Michael Zost is happy to examine children of any age.